Asbestos Remediation Works

KH Asbestos Investigations Ltd is an asbestos consultancy and as a company, do not conduct any form of asbestos remediation.

However, we have a list of approved contractors who have demonstrated their competency and reliability to us and, where necessary, are licensed by the HSE for any such works. We can obtain fee proposals for remedial works from contractors on our approved list. When necessary, we will conduct contractors around areas needing remediation and their method statements can be reviewed as part of the service we offer.

Liaison with UKAS accredited air monitoring laboratories (which again can be selected from our list of approved suppliers) will assist in the smooth running of remediation projects and help achieve best value.

We would always encourage clients to appoint independent services rather than rely upon others to do so, thus avoiding and commercial “conflict of interest” issues.

Please contact us for more information.